Martha Stewart: Cookware Packaging


Martha Stewart Everyday needed a fun and intriguing packaging solution for their expanding line of cookware. These packages needed to stand out on the shelves at Kmart, while embodying the Martha Stewart brand. The challenge was to create a system of packages that communicated, without the aid of a salesperson, the quality of the products and different price points. Most importantly, a flexible solution for both box sets and individual products was required.

MSLK color-coded each product line and implemented a simple star-based rating system that would explain the products’ quality. We further enhanced consumer understanding with unique graphics that illustrated the packages’ contents and features.

The packages featured product care tips and cutout recipes that complemented the Martha Stewart brand and created a lifestyle for its consumers. By employing bold colors and playful patterns, MSLK distinguished product lines and brought life to Kmart’s Martha Stewart aisle.

Martha Stewart found MSLK’s packaging design to be a “good thing.” As a result, even as the company has evolved, our design concepts continue to serve as a foundation behind Martha Stewart Everyday’s cookware line.