Good For You, Good for the Earth

Kashi U

This week I noticed a new Kashi product on the shelves. They’ve introduced a new line of cereal called Kashi U, a “vitality cereal” that’s designed to strengthen five areas of the body: the heart, the immune system, bones, digestion, and the brain. Despite the virtues of a yet healthier Kashi, they’ve also made strides with their design on this venture. The box is made from 100% recycled paper (80% post consumer content). It’s printed with vegetable inks and manufactured with 100% windpower. The design isn’t so bad either…

They’ve taken an educational approach with the design. A set of five icons linked together through illustration demonstrates the concept of five systems making up a whole.

Kashi U Icons

I especially like the details of the illustrations on the front of the box carrying over into the drier Nutritional Information panel on the side.

Kashi U Illustrations

While I’m digging the new fancy design, I must say that it’s no “Good Friends.”

Kashi Good Friends