After going there a couple of times, disappointed by the long wait, my friends and I finally got in to ChikaLicious. If you love food and design, here is your chance to enjoy fabulous Japanese fusion desserts while watching meticulous preparation and plating. It is a tiny place – a 20-seat eatery space built around an open kitchen, where the chefs and sommelier work and serve customers directly. Their 3-course Prix Fixe menu is best described as American desserts, French Presentation and Japanese tasting portions (tiny). They also have a good selection of dessert wines and champagne, along with organic coffees and teas.We were seated by the open kitchen, and it was fun watching them make our desserts. Different unique plates are used for different kind of desserts. Chika, the owner and the chef herself would deliver the plates to us directly. We enjoyed the Fromage Blanc Island “Cheese Cake.” Do not expect a slice of cake on your plate, instead a scoop of white small mountain.Dessert design at it’s best.Yummmm….White chocolate with frozen espresso.The Cheesecake.