United States of Tara Opening Theme

Gone are the days of cheesy photo collages and lackluster footage. Many of today’s television programs are using engaging title sequences to start the show off. Such is the case in the opening sequence to Showtime’s, United States of Tara. I was actually humming the tune to this song on my way to work this morning; I guess I really miss this show, and I hope it comes back for another season!

In a nutshell, the show centers around a forty-ish woman who has three (possibly four) alter egos, including a sex-crazed teenager, a homophobic hick, and a 1950’s housewife. It is a mix of comedy and drama as Tara’s alters create crazy predicaments for her family. This sequence beautifully captures the sentiment of the show with its illustrative pop-up-book feel. I particularly respond to the way the alters are portrayed from the neck down in order to focus on the costumes, or the characters themselves. It is not until the very end that we see Tara’s face. I was actually pleased to just find out that this won a creative arts emmy. Bravo to the designers and illustrators who worked on this!

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