MSLK’s New Business Cards

Last week we received the final printed elements to assemble our new business cards! The design capitalizes on the ideas of DIY and sustainability. The colorful cards are cut down from makeready press sheets. Makereadies are used by printers to help prepare the press. The sheets are imprinted multiple times creating beautifully random patterns.The contact information for each card is printed on a strip of label stock that wraps around the card. This allows us to continue to assemble new cards from recycled press sheets. The labels were printed on a 100% recycled stock by Rolling Press a local, eco-friendly, wind powered printer. To us, “going green” means looking beyond recycled paper and soy inks and actually considering the entire lifecycle of a piece. This business card is the perfect blend of materials and messaging. We love to work with unique materials and we are excited when we have the opportunity to re-purpose old materials (which is even more eco-friendly than recycling). The end result is a business card that we hope you will hold onto — saving the materials from a trash can or recycling bin. Detail shots of the cards are posted below.