MSLK Creates Plays on Words while Playing with Words

This past weekend, a couple of us at MSLK had the opportunity to take a break from our computer screens and have some fun with words. The Spark Typography Workshop invited participants to use unconventional materials to illustrate ordinary words, and the results were rather “hair raising.”

Those of us from MSLK decided to use the workshop as an opportunity to illustrate some common words in a clever way. For example, we took oranges and illustrated the word “juice” thus illustrating “Orange Juice.” See if you can figure out the rest from the images below.

The workshop was a good reminder of the fact that creativity doesn’t always happen behind the computer. Getting your hands dirty and experimenting with different media is a great way to broaden your horizons, and sometimes you can stumble upon a new technique or idea to use in a current design project.

Check out these next images to see what other awesome words people crafted this weekend!

And of course thanks to Spark as well as Michelle Bowers and Amelia Irwin for hosting a fun and inspirational event.