Hypercolor is the New (Old) Fashion Trend

The 90’s heat-activated trend is back. Touch a green shirt you will leave yellow fingerprint; blow on a purple shirt you will see pink marks. The fabric dyed with a special pigment that makes it heat-sensitive. LA fashion designers, Anzevino and Florence, took this trends to the next level and not only making T-shirts but also dresses and scarfs (clothing pictured above). Other fashion and sportswear companies like American Apparel and Puma have hopped on the hypercolor trend with everything from t-shirts to sneakers.

The fabric is washable in cold water, but iron it, bleach it or dry it in a steaming-hot machine and your shirt won’t last the 15 minutes this trend is destined for. Read more to see more color actions.

Inspired by the chameleon, nature’s master of disguise, Puma’s Basket Color Change features a reptile skin-like pattern made from a special heat sensitive material. The color of the sneaker changes to the temperature of the wearer’s foot and the surrounding environment accordingly.

Puma Basket Color Change

Below are more shots fromo the Anzevino and Florence Collection.