Blog and Social Media Integration

Blogs and Social Media go hand in hand
Social media platforms and a company blog are a symbiotic relationship. You could have the best blog in the world, but if you don’t have a large amount of traffic coming to the site, who’s reading it? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Linked-In allow you to bring your content to your intended audience in a platform they visit more frequently. Similarly, even popular high-traffic sites for consumer goods brands need a platform in their social media world to call home. Social media sites specialize in transient content that is here now, gone tomorrow. In contrast, the content you create and reference on your blog will forever be available online and referenced as “yours.” For this reason we consider blogs to be the cornerstone to any social media presence.As we discussed in our previous post, content strategies help companies know what type of content should be covered on their blog and social media platforms each quarter. These content strategies consider what will be featured on the blog and how the messaging and posts on your social media platforms can support and compliment it. Blogs help keep your social media platforms fresh, and a content strategy is a surefire way to avoid social media writers block!

In terms of actual integration, feeds from your blog can be set up to automatically tease your latest blog entry on your social media pages. Your audience can now comment on your posts in any platform. Historically, this has taken away some of the traffic and comments on the actual blog itself however, new tools allow your blog to reflect that activity and show those comments all in one place. We think this is simply the cat’s meow!


We’ve been discussing ways that Facebook’s Social Plugins can help make websites more social. These features apply to your blog as well. The “Like Box” is a great tool for showing the profile pics of all your fans who are receiving your content feed via Facebook. If you choose, you can also display the most recent wall posts from your Facebook page with this plugin.

hand illustration credit to Aidan Jones