Queens English

This week we had an unexpected surprise: seven graphic design students visiting our studio from the UK. All but one had never been to the States before, and I am proud to report that, besides the Apple Store in Midtown, we were their first stop on a jam-packed tour of NYC design. Bright and inquisitive, they asked us a barrage of questions ranging from our experience, our influences, our design approach, and even how many hours we work. Sheri and I had a great time entertaining them for an hour as we walked them through some recent MSLK projects. It’s incredibly helpful to explain the practical design considerations (i.e. the problems, and how we solved them), rather than showing only “pretty looking things.”The group were graphic design & advertising students visiting from Buckinghamshire New University, about 25 miles out from London, in a town called High Wycombe. In preparation, we all compiled a short list of must-see NYC-specific places to visit into a mini folded booklet for all to enjoy. In turn, we were given an absolutely gorgeously designed bottle of wine (which, of course, will never be opened).We love having students come in and visit MSLK as a way of giving back to the design community. Sheri and I benefited from eye-opening and inspiring studio tours back when we were students, and always strive to pass on the same experience to young designers… whether it’s a tour, speaking to students, or an internship at MSLK. Our greatest success story to date is MSLK’s very own Ellen Johnston who was Sheri’s intern years ago, and now our senior designer (Aww.) Special thanks to my mentor when I was an intern, the incredibly talented Gary Tooth who thought enough to recommend MSLK as a worthwhile destination.