Ingestible Beauty Trends Discovered at the HBA Expo

Nutraceuticals, or the concept of ingesting foods to produce a pharmaceutical benefit, is a hot topic we’ve been following here for 2 years now. Beauty from the inside out is a movement that we are seeing in many categories.

In the personal care industry the addition of super foods such as green tea, or acai berry in topical treatments has been rampant as companies try to capitalize on the this trend as well as the natural ingredient movement. What has been more rare is to actually catch an example of ingest-able nutraceuticals.

Last year at the HBA I discovered, Glowwell, a skin care company who’s premixed juices and on the go powders help you “fight the signs of aging by nourishing your skin from the inside out.” We also covered Coca-cola Plus offering Antioxidants ( green tea and vitamin C) and Vitamins (B3, B12, and vitamin C) in our webinar on Affordable Luxury. However, beyond beverages it seems that the ingest-able market is still quite small.

So who is capitalizing on this trend? From what I discovered at this year’s HBA expo, the Japanese.  Mintel research groups put on a trend presentation to share what’s “tasty” in the ingest-able market. Here are the highlights:

Straight from Japan, these small, Mentos like candies are really an Ingestible Fragrance by Kracie. Scent options include grapefruit or rose.

Also found in Japan, these dried fruit pieces are infused with collagen and vitamin C to create, that’s right you guessed it, Ingestible Fruit.

This drink will give you all of the collagen without any of the calories, Enriched Shiseido Collagen beauty drink contains fish collagen as well as Duzhong leaves, ginseng, lotus germs, amra, hyaluronic acid with only 14 calories per bottle.


In fact, collagen seems to be one of the most popular treatments in this trend. Beauty Up by Bidora is a pear flavored Collagen Drink with Gaba presumably to aid muscle tone?

Speaking of calories and tone, Sheseido’s Gymrind Body Active drink contains milk protein, Vitamin E, ginger extract to encourage you to go to the gym or comfort you if you feel guilty about not going to the gym.

In fact, I might need this right now as this post is keeping me from the gym.

As I mentioned beautiful skin and complexion from within are the backbone of this movement. You are what you eat after-all and Tea Tonic’s Complexion Tea from Australia promises radiant, glowing skin

This yummy Beauty Style chocolate, banana nut bar  from Korea promotes their “Super Foods” and delivers “Nature, Balance, Beauty, and Health” through their blend of natural, organic ingredients. With its high concentration of almonds, bananas and oats, I guess it’s better for you than a Snickers, but it tastes just as good.

Yet sometimes the marketing rhetoric goes a bit too far. The consensus at the show was that Magic Fruits, Beauty Snack from Germany was merely freeze dried raspberries, but they are riding the ingest-table beauty trend with their slogan, “Nibble yourself beautiful.”

The Gimme Probiotics chocolates were the only product featured from the US. They claim to be “The world’s first Nutritionally Enhanced Candy Company,” but we know that’s not exactly true. However, their candy coated chocolates similar to large M&M’s infused with probiotics, calcium, or Omega 3 are sure to create a buzz. Look for them coming soon to a store near you!