MSLK Hosts Annual Spark BBQ Networking Event

MSLK put our party and chef hats on to host the 3rd annual Spark BBQ. Spark, an organization made up of independent designers, holds a summer and winter event open to everyone, allowing for networking opportunities in addition to its monthly events specifically geared for creative professionals.

While I manned the grill for the most part, it was great seeing Old Guard members mingling with new members, who mingled with printers, copywriters, and business coaches.

One of the things which made this event so successful was the idea of name tags which had a pre-printed “Ask me about…” to spark conversations. A perfect fit for an organization named Spark.

Favorites “Ask me abouts…” included

“my new book”
“environmental graphics”
“learning to surf”
“Elvis” (which turned-out to be work-related)



Maybe you’ll drop by for a veggie dog (or two) next year?