The Secret to Abandoning Bottled Water is Convenience

Twelve months after resolving to give up bottled water I can safely say my days of drinking bottled water are 100% behind me. With a new year’s goal to reduce my consumption down to no more than 12, or one per month, to date I have consumed only 4 disposable bottles of water, 3 of which happened in the first few months getting started. Since March I’ve been able to completely eradicate disposable bottled water from my life. Here’s how:

  1. I am one with my personal water bottle. It’s a state of mind. When I leave the house I need my wallet, cell phone, and water bottle. It’s that basic and that fundamental.
  2. My bottle is small, convenient, and fits nicely into my smallest handbag, even my back pocket. The convenience of the small size ensures I’ll have it on me when I need it.
  3. My bottle has a ring on it so that I can carry it easily with one finger or hook it onto something else. Believe it or not the ring makes a huge difference, especially when I find myself with lots of things to carry.
  4. My attitude is no need to lug around any more water than a few sips, 8 oz. or less is all I need. I’d rather refill often than not have anything because the bottle was too cumbersome to carry. I’ve learned that every time I use a restroom chances are I can also refill my water bottle and I do so.
  5. Everyone around me now knows to keep the bottles of water at bay. I’ve had a few close calls like being ill on a boat and choking during a client presentation where you need to take what is being offered, but just like being a vegetarian or diabetic, most people are happy to accommodate your request for no plastic bottles!

During this process I’ve had the pleasure of talking to many, many people about their opinions of plastic, the environment, and water… What I’ve discovered is that many people really want to talk about these issues and are eager to find someone to share their thoughts with.

One of the most interesting environments is the night club where the bartender has been told to only distribute bottled water presumably as a method of making the house more money. However, time and time again I’ve somehow managed to make it work. The truth is no one can make you pay for water. After all, it’s just water.  I’m not breaking any rules by drinking tap.

If you are looking to make the switch, my bottle of choice is the Finish military flask purchased from Kiosk. I’m also partial to these new collapsible bottles from Vapur. Both of these bottles address the convenience issues I think are most important!

Now get out there are stop drinking bottled water! Next stop for me… no more beverages in disposable plastic containers period. I’m already off to a great start.