Faucher Artist: Website

Artist representative Mari Faucher was looking to create a compelling online brand identity for her company. Branding such a company comprised of many unique artist brands was the biggest challenge. Hoping to remain neutral, Faucher Artists’ previous identity was nonexistent and unmemorable. Achieving a brand presence that wouldn’t overshadow the artists was key. Furthermore, the new website had to reflect the vision and inspiration of the company.

Despite being commissioned to simply redesign the homepage, MSLK strongly recommended applying the new graphics beyond just the homepage and into the overall site navigation. Applying these graphics would allow the entire site experience to be engaging and lure users to explore further.

Inspired by 1950s jazz album covers, MSLK designed a dynamic composition of colored blocks that would slowly float back and forth, alluding to the energy behind Faucher Artists. The movement of a mouse would trigger the blocks to rearrange, transform, and create new compositions. This compelling navigation inspired other design templates and layouts within the website and continued to engage visitors at every level.

MSLK’s strategic web design solution for Faucher Artists has withstood the rapid evolution of the Internet since its creation in 2006. The longevity of the redesign is rooted by the compelling navigational features that continue to provide a fresh and engaging user experience as the company expands and adds new artists to the roster.