William Geddes: Brand Identity

MSLK_William Geddes_logo_2

Photographer William Geddes needed a strong brand identity that would make him stand out in the competitive lifestyle photography market. We knew that this mark would have to be flexible, as it would have to work in a variety of settings from the website, to the direct mail, emailer, blog and portfolio book.

We decided that William’s logo would be the Life + Style message itself, focusing on the themes of his work rather than his name. Within the logo, we sought to convey that Life means people + portraits, and Style means still life + interiors.

We created a clean and modern logo that works in a variety of settings. The plus sign became a bold graphic that is used as an informational element throughout the system. Online, parts of the logo dim, depending upon where a user rolls over to highlight either the Life or Style section. In both the website and related print material, the plus sign is deconstructed into large background stripes to define the two categories.

The comprehensive brand repositioning reinvigorated buzz around the photographer. Perhaps William said it best himself, “I was looking for a way to bridge the gap in my two main sources of work: people and portraits with still life. MSLK’s design solutions, materials, and marketing support allowed me to effectively target to these two very different audiences with one clear message”