Wishes Come True, MSLK lends a hand to J&J

As you may recall, awhile back I put out a wish, a plea of sorts for someone to hire us to design better tampon packaging. Not only do I really believe that we could do better with feminine hygiene, but I firmly believe that rather than creating new products to make people feel luxurious and pampered, we should focus on changing our most basic connections to the things we use everyday.

Happily, some friends at Johnson & Johnson took me up on this offer. Recently MSLK has been working with J&J to brainstorm innovative new ideas for branding and packaging on a few of their products. Although I can’t share any other details regarding our work because it’s top secret, I can tell you our goal was to keep your next trip to the pharmacy from feeling like the movie above.

Thanks to Reactions, wishes do come true.