MAD Cool

Eyeglass Chandelier

The Museum of Arts and Design reopens this weekend at their new location in Columbus Circle. Despite the controversy of the “lollipop building” redesign, the museum looks interesting. The opening exhibition, “Second Lives,” focuses on artists re-purposing materials into art and design.

From what I can tell, some of the pieces look great. My favorite is the eyeglass chandelier, which actually looks quite beautiful from afar. While most art that uses re-purposed material is a bit too “crafty” for my taste, I might actually consider hanging something like this in my home. I’m hoping to check out the exhibit this weekend – maybe it will provide inspiration for our next Urban Tumbleweeds-esque venture!

This piece using records to make butterflies is pretty cool, too.

Butterfly Record

Another nice record piece. I just hope there aren’t any good records in that stack…

Record Wave

The new MAD logo’s not too shabby either.

MAD Logo