Re-Launches with Greatly Enhanced Work Section – Part I

I can’t say exactly when, but there came a time when the old MSLK website no longer suited our needs as a company. After nearly ten years of gradual evolution, the site seemed fine to most casual visitors. However, as our range of services expanded, we were finding the need to tell increasingly complex stories about our work. On top of that, we were fielding calls from new prospects asking us about our capabilities… things we thought we had been clearly stated online, yet clearly were not.

Looking back, there were clear signs that we were adding patches to the site to try and show more than just the end-result of the work. And these signs all pointed to us being the proverbial shoemaker’s children: branding experts who excelled in creating innovative online experiences for others (just don’t look at our site). In December 09 we started to think about what was needed for us to lead by example. We knew it would be an immense endeavor, and require a sustained commitment of nearly everyone in our studio.

And it did.

The first order of business was to make the work accessible to a wide range of users. We started by asking our past and existing clients what they looked for, and how they would expect to find it online. The answers were as varied as our client’s needs. Essentially people came to us with a need, and it was our job to satisfy their needs as quickly as possible. If you need a new website, you would need to view all of our websites. If you were looking to see what our experience was in a specific industry, we would need to showcase that.

Our new navigation for the work section brings together many elements of the new ways in which the internet has changed in recent years, allowing for a much more customized experience. Whereas before, we were showing things in a linear manner, the new work section gives complete control to users.

Finally, users can view all of MSLK’s work at glance, to get a sense of our general style…

Users can narrow their choices by choosing from Category (Award-Winning, Beauty, Green, etc) as well as Medium (Brand Identity, Packaging, Websites, etc). The work re-sorts on the fly, giving as narrow or broad view as suits you…

Users can then hone-in on a specific project, finding out about the challenges, strategy, design and success of each project.

Stay tuned for more updates detailing key new features of the new site.