MSLK’s Newest Eco-art Installation, “Take-Less” Starts to Take Shape

Busy. That’s one word to describe things at MSLK these days.

While we have the benefit of working on many inspiring projects for our clients, we’re also hard at work on Take-Less, the third in a trilogy of what we’ve come to call eco-art installations. In an effort to be greener, we’re using our talents to focus people on the sheer volume of plastic we all consume in our daily lives. Whether it’s plastic bags, plastic water bottles, or the durable and resilient plastic containers we use for a moment with our take-out food — this cheap plastic comes at a cost.


Below is a gallery of our in-progress assembly from this past weekend:

Don’t forget that Take Less will make its debut at the Figment Art festival on June 11-13.

Many thanks to all who helped this weekend: Demetra, Peter, Christel, Ryan, Daniela, John, Dave, Doreen, and Mariana.