Point of Purchasing

I’m all for being environmentally conscious – consuming less, buying less, buying smarter. In my household there’s a debate about consumption when it comes to music…

More recently I’ve been buying music online via eMusic. But my boyfriend has always argued that it’s simply not the same to own the digital version of an album. Though I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise, I have to admit, I enjoy the experience of buying and owning a physical album. On a recent trip to Permanent Records in Greenpoint, Jason saw this one in the bin. It’s a great example of not only how much personality an album cover can display, but also how CDs often dumb down album artwork.

I had only seen the CD version, and never knew the album was originally diecut. Of course we ended up buying it.

While I’ll still make an effort to purchase the greener option when possible, I guess certain things of quality are worth buying and hanging onto for their experiential or sentimental values.