Bee Kind. Anthropologie Reminds us that Honey Bees Are Our Friends.

In my humble opinion Anthropologie leads the way in retail design and retail display windows. I am always enamored by their mix of art, fashion, craft, and social causes. The end result is always witty, playful, engaging and inspiring, both from a distance and up-close in the most minute details. Who could ask for more?

Their latest springtime displays are no exception. The theme is honey and the plight of the honey bees. From the paper tape on the windows to the paper maché combs, we are already thinking like a worker bee.

Then the graphic wall of honey in the shape of a big hive shows us just a few of the things honey goes into.

Finally the crazy honey distillery window elaborates that “The average worker bee will produce only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.” That’s an awful lot of bees needed for your next baklava. However, bees do more than just make honey, they are responsible for an estimated 80% of all the pollination that occurs from flowers, to trees, to crops. No wonder farmers everywhere are really nervous about the global bee shortage and “colony collapse disorder.”

So bee careful the next time you see one of our striped friends. Don’t smash him, just let him bee, and bee sure to give a second glance at Anthopologie’s windows next time you pass by.