Plastic Bag Happenings at Kiosk

As you already know I love Kiosk. And as you already know, we hate plastic bags. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I’ll be rushing off to check out Jason Rosenberg’s art and commerce inspired “plastic bag happening” at Kiosk June 27 – July 1. It seems that Jason will help you give your plastic bag a new life. I might have 2663 or so plastic bags lying around here, maybe I’ll turn one into a rain hat.Kiosk writes that:

Plastic bag happening is a plastic bag exchange, in which you are invited to come with a plastic bag and leave with a different one. Plastic bag happening is a celebration of plastic bags from all over the world, so please bring one in and participate in the exchange and cross-pollination of textures, colors, and ideas.

Each day from 3 to 7pm Jason will be on hand with a sewing machine to create other related functional items from the bags brought in… a bag from a bag, a rain hat from a bag! Also please join us for a closing party on Tuesday July 1, 6-10 pm.

Hope to see you there! And thanks , for the hot tip!