James Porto: Direct Mail


With a new brand identity created by MSLK, photographer James Porto needed to create a unique and attention-getting promotion that would showcase his ability to capture larger than life realities as well as craft surreal fantasies.

MSLK found equity in the wide range of work James Porto created and sought to emphasize his varying capabilities. We categorized his work into two main themes, the “Real” and “Unreal.” This duality became the platform to base all his future marketing campaigns.

A set of fanned postcards featuring a “Real” and “Unreal” message and imagery on either side was created. This was then bound together with a simple black grommet resembling the “O” of the new brand identity.

MSLK’s design solution was well received and became a memorable keepsake recipients held on to. Perhaps James himself said it best, “MSLK’s designs have made the difference in closing deals. This new positioning has pinpointed me to how my work is most effective from a sales/marketing perspective and how I can build on those strengths to manifest real results in the form of new clients and great assignments.”