Name Our Mini

Yes, like Marc, I am also a bit Mini-obsessed, patiently awaiting our Mini’s arrival. Of course I’m only obsessed with what it will look like, the custom graphics I’m going to apply, and of course what her name will be. That’s right, I think our car should be referred to as a she, because let’s face it, luck is a lady. And when I take this baby out to the track I want a winner. Here’s where you come in. Please spare me from Marc’s default pun names including:Mini Cooper Black (a popular typeface from the 70’s) and Mini Cooper Union (a prestigious NYC design school, which is Marc’s father’s alma mater) and give us your suggestions….Like a pet, this car needs a name that represents speed, but is something kind of cute that you can affectionately refer to it as. Our current car’s name is Kelly, because she is somewhere between Kelly and Hunter Green, both of which were NOT selling points when we purchased her, but somehow the stupidness of her Ralph Lauren-inspired color and khaki pants interior which are the FURTHEST thing from our personal taste, just stuck. This time around, I want to do it right, so I turned to the “Mini name creator” conveniently provided in the kit of cards Marc wrote about earlier for inspiration. This says to combine a name from column A with column B and then end with column C. While this gave me a good laugh, nothing was really gelling with the car.I’m thinking:White Stripe (something)Cherry Bomb BettyCandy Stripes or Candy Cane (we can call her Candy for short) Sergeant Chili Pepper (the red color is called “Chili Red” and we can call her Pepper for short)Oh I have no idea…. I need to hold a brainstorming session. Maybe one idea could tie in the number on the side, which is also still open for selection. Seriously, what do you think?