A New Way to Read

I love stories, sometimes I wish that radio series were still around so I could enjoy hearing a chapter of a book each week by my imaginary fireplace. Recently Penguin books has taken radio series into the 21st century and I’ve become quite a fan. Penguin has commission 6 authors to reveal their story day-by-day, over the course of 1 week, using various online medias. The story pictured above happens all on Google Maps, utilizing notations at various locations across a map of London. There’s also a story of a teen, revealed on her blog and Twitter. An online, split-screen chat between two lovers, and a choose your own adventure, fill-in-the-blanks sort of story where you add in characters names, and attributes in real time. All in all, I’ve found this to be great fun and a great nod back to the origins of story telling, mixed with new media. To follow your own story online, click here.