Berkshire Hosiery: Pastel Packaging


Mayer Berkshire Corporation, the second largest hosiery manufacturer in the US, created a new line to target the young, urban professional. In order to stave off competition from fashion brands, the new packages needed to carry the equity of the Berkshire brand yet feel youthful and fresh.

The new products were feature-driven with slimming and shaping components. To clearly demonstrate these attractive product features, MSLK recommended the use of product photographs with a fashion-forward edge.

With a fashionable approach in mind, a bright palette of colors was selected to target a young audience. These pastel hues were successfully paired with the classic Berkshire logo, allowing the brand to be present in every product.

MSLK’s design solutions strengthened the Berkshire brand against competitors like Calvin Klein and DKNY and continue to be displayed at major department stores today.