Customer-Centric Social Media for Fashion + Beauty

Every fashion and beauty business is keenly interested in expanding their marketing into social media platforms. The natural inclination as a marketer is to approach these platforms as yet another media for traditional messaging and campaigns. However, this is not the most successful approach. Although brands should maintain a brand image on these platforms that is consistent with other traditional media, the conversation on social media platforms should not be a one-sided ad campaign. Social media should be regarded forums for customers, customer communication, and customer service.

Social media are places where brands should ask themselves what can I do to truly help and inspire my customers? If a one-on-one conversation with your customer at retail is invaluable to your brand, think of these platforms as opportunities to do that on a global scale. Use this unique insight into their world to connect with them personally.

Making this personal connection is often easier for brands when they have a relatively small fan base, especially when they know the core responders and fans personally. However, what can a large or growing brand do to maintain that connection as the fan base grows?

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Customer-Centric Social Media for Fashion + Beauty
Wednesday July 20th, 2011
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