Elseware: Ashhole Packaging


Elseware’s Daniel Harper created an aluminum ashtray that could pop onto the top of empty beer bottles, thus recycling typical party detritus while preventing smokers from ashing into an unfinished drink. The product’s packaging would have to clearly display the product, demonstrate its use, and enable the product to either hang or stand on retailers’ shelves.

MSLK created diagrammatic illustrations that show how the product is simple and easy to use while also demonstrating how the Ashhole rises above more typical ashtrays. The packaging shows off the product itself, allowing customers to handle it and admire its style yet prevent theft.

An illustrative approach and bright color palette are meant to appeal to the trendy urban hipster. Perfect for house warming and bachelor gift giving, the package design makes the Ashhole appeal to buyers as both a practical and novelty purchase. Additionally, the packaging is cut and folded from a single sheet, making production simple and sustainable.

The novelty package was picked up by the client’s ideal retailer, Urban Outfitters, and was a popular commodity for 2 seasons.