Watershed on Inhabitat Again

MSLK is back at it again with a great write up on the eco-blog Inhabitat. Besides covering our installation at the premiere of The Age of Stupid and the Dumbo Art Under Bridge Festival, Inhabitat writes

MSLK is known for previously inundating visitors with statistics on plastic bag use with its installation 2663 Urban Tumbleweeds. It’s trash as conscience, trash as guilt personified, trash as Army of Inanimate Eco Warriors. If MSLK were your mom, you’d be making egg crate caterpillars (with pipe cleaner antennae, remember?), and training them to crawl on people who don’t reuse and recycle. I wonder what being grounded would be like.

 But don’t worry, we aren’t grounding anyone. As I told Inhabitat, Mother Nature herself will take care of any punishments that need to be handed out.