MHS: Invitation


Mamaroneck High School’s class of 1992 was two years too late in planning their 10-year reunion. This unique situation called for a compelling invitation that would convince recipients the event had been worth the two-year wait.

MSLK sought to turn the negative situation into something positive. By exploiting the ambiguity of whether it was a 10-year reunion or a 12-year reunion, we established a humorous and playful voice for the event.

MSLK overprinted the numbers 10 and 12 using simple, bold typography in the school’s colors. In the interior, we attached a small reply postcard with a removable sticker that served as a playful yet low-cost alternative to a traditional reply card with an envelope.

The invitation was an instant success and left recipients raving. MSLK’s design solution was recognized for typographic excellence by the Type Directors Club,  Communication Arts, and GD USA. As a result of our success, we were commissioned to design the reunion invitation for a later graduating class.