Velo Classic Tours: Website


Velo Classic Tours needed a website that reflected the sophistication of their luxurious cycling tours through Europe, while extending its new brand identity developed by MSLK. The website’s content would have to accommodate the complex itineraries of multi-day tours, which blended grueling 70-mile rides with accommodations and dining at four-star chateaux. This site would serve as a virtual salesperson and the number one marketing tool for the tour company.

At the forefront, MSLK sought to accommodate the substantial amount of information with a user-friendly navigational system. Streamlining information into Velo Classic Tours’ core principles allowed viewers to learn about the tour company’s offerings without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, a simple yet consistent interface allowed visitors to click through the daily itineraries without having to scroll through lengthy text.

MSLK found equity in the tour company’s collection of snapshots from previous tours and developed a grid layout to accommodate these photographs. Tight crops of the images and architectural details helped capture the essence of each tour. Further into the site, daily itineraries featured information on the starting city, ending location, and miles covered. In addition, we created soft-sell opportunities within the website by including testimonials from participants of previous tours.

MSLK’s rebranding efforts and design solutions transformed Velo Classic Tours into a high-end service and was a catalyst to increased client interest. Upon launch of its new brand identity, patrons raved about the luxurious brand image and felt undercharged for its tour offerings. Furthermore, Velo Classic Tours was able to secure a tour sponsorship from Procycling Magazine and establish a partnership with a prestigious Italian villa simply based upon the quality of their promotional materials.