Using Social Media to Enhance Events

MSLK believes transferring relationships fostered on social media to in-person encounters is a recipe for success. Companies are able to reach a wider audience through all of today’s online channels and utilizing social media to augment face-to-face encounters such as trade shows, events, and in-store promotions has proven to enhance results.

I was one of a group of six social media experts who were interviewed by Rob Murphy and GCI magazine at the end of last year to hear our thoughts on “Using Social Media to Enhance Face-to-Face Encounters.” Here are a few insights:

• The real win comes when virtual tactics are integrated into traditional face-to-face programs.
• For most industries, promotions on Twitter and Facebook are a safe bet; add in LinkedIn if you have an authoritative spokesperson or a key speaker at the event.
• Make sure to use hash tags for all promotions around your events.
• At larger events, tweet at the event’s hash tag and expand your reach.
• Tweet during events to involve contacts and press those who can’t be there live.
• Accept questions at events via Twitter; answer them live and virtually.
• Listen to your followers before and after an event to truly understand what topics are relevant to them.
• Make sure to promote your attendance at larger events in advance. Let people know you are interested in meeting up!
• Make sure you have a content plan to continue to engage new contacts after the event.

An integrated marketing strategy is crucial for keeping in touch with customers in today’s fast-paced world. Virtual communication is still no substitute for face-to-face interaction. However, these virtual efforts will help you ensure that no face-to-face opportunity is missed. In addition, these virtual tools will foster a consistent and continued relationship throughout the year.