Go Aaron

Our friend, Aaron Meshon, is an awesome illustrator. What I love most about his work is he layers each piece with cute moments and clever humor down to every, single, little detail. He can’t turn it off. Every now and then the world recognizes Aaron’s genius and something like this happens…Aaron’s illustrations are the new ad campaign for New York City tourism. You might find them here on bus shelters and phone booths, but you can also catch them around the world. These images were shot in the London Underground. If you happen to spot one, check it out up close. Then comment really loudly, “Wow, this guy is amazing.”

Here’s a detail of the art. For some reason a smiling cloud of coffee steam just makes me smile. Of course we also love that Queens is listed first on her skirt!

Self promotion works. Aaron created the illustration below for a promo card years ago, and I bet someone has been keeping him in mind specifically for this project ever since.

This is actually my all-time favorite piece of his as well. Note how the steam makes everything turn to chilly blue outlines, amazing. Plus the “down” jacket and the Subway type all in appropriate Subway line colors… please stop.