How Do You Deck The Halls?

As I mentioned before the twinkling lights of Christmas are really the only things that sustain me during the viciously grey months of a NYC winter. There is something about a tree that really brightens a living room. Sitting next to the lit tree with a glass of wine is just as nice as sitting besides a cozy fire. I thought I’d inspire everyone with a few tree images sent to me by friends and family. For those of you without decorations perhaps it can bring some virtual cheer. For those of you with trees reading this, snap off a shot and email it to me to upload—the more the merrier and the more bizarre the better. I’ve been known to decorate mannequin legs and call it a tree, anything with lights counts.

The MSLK tree is pretty traditional, I prefer a white, sparse tree to better display the ornaments. Note the red felt type in different designer fonts.

Christina bought this vintage tinsel tree on ebay. It’s billowing branches remind me of a fabulous new years eve party.

My Aunt Linda’s tree is about as traditional as you get. Some of these ornaments date back to her childhood and each one has a memory or story attached.

This is Mariel and Vern’s first tree together but I can see the classic elegance that fits their personality.

Jodi’s tree wins for proper setting. The red wall behind it was clearly destined to be a mod backdrop for a tree.

Allison and JJ have a fireplace in NYC! So they don’t need a tree…they opt for garland and custom made stocking by Allison’s company, Again NYC. Note how the 2 cats have paw print stockings…love that!

Allycia and Eddie are making clever use of ribbon as garland.

Krysten shared with us her first real tree ever.

A friend of a friend, Jane, turned decorating into an arts and crafts project with her daughter. They cut snowflakes out of brown, blue, and white paper.

Always the minimalist, Aimee’s tree is a little evergreen plant that gets either a bow or an ornament “outfit” for the holidays.

My friend, Angie, is a self proclaimed Christmas tree fanatic. She has a seven foot artificial tree that she decorates with vintage glass ornaments she’s been collecting since childhood. Now a 7 foot tall tree is extreme for most people, but just imagining tiny Angie dragging this giant tree out of storage proves that she is extremely dedicated.

She’s so dedicated she also puts a “tree” in each room. This is her kitchen tree which might be the most whimsical tree I’ve seen yet. It’s perfect for the kitchen of a costume designer. Apparently that’s a baby in the shape of a package that she is holding.

Our colleague, Sharon, and her boyfriend Stephen just submitted their tree. Apparently it’s a  “sparkly green” table top tree.  Around the base they created an “installation” of vintage artificial fireplaces and Stephen’s collection of icons and saints—sounds very Cajun. I love the pink glow of the burning artificial fireplace in the back left.