City Scraps

Composting Guide, NYC

Here at MSLK, we’re trying to educate ourselves on city composting. We’re just beginning an initiative to instate an office compost. To be frank, none of us here have much experience with a compost pile, so this could get interesting. I recently attended a lecture where one of the speakers was Wendy Brawer, an artist turned designer who designed the Green Map system to visually engage people in local environmental “hotspots” and encourage sustainable living. I picked up the Compost Map of Manhattan, which outlines a lot of useful information for city dwellers interested in starting a compost. I found out that composting is seemingly easier than I originally thought…

Even if you don’t want to keep a compost pile yourself, there are many ways to contribute. The back of the map (shown below) illustrates public drop offs for your scraps in Manhattan. Click the image to download a PDF.

Compost Map of Manhattan

The front of the map demystifies what and how to compost. It provides guidelines for getting started on how to contribute.

Green Map NYC

Check back for updates on how the MSLK compost project shapes up. And if anyone has any advice, we’re all ears.