Nastrovje! Thoughts After a Little Odessa Night Out

Last weekend, we went to a birthday party for our Russian friend, Andrey, at the Tatiana Restaurant on Brighton Beach’s boardwalk. I’ve been to Coney Island before, but this was my first experience at Little Odessa, and it was quite memorable. If you’re looking for a great summer weekend trip to Brighton Beach: lunch or dinner at Tatiana is highly recommended. Even better, if you have something to celebrate…

We were seated in the restaurant/nightclub area in the basement, next to the stage. Check out their website and you’ll immediately get the glamorous Russian style at Tatiana: a unique mix of “From Russia with Love” and tacky Las Vegas. It made me feel being on vacation, far away from NYC.

There were at least three other birthday parties and one wedding party going on at the same time. Actually, having a lot going on at the same time seems to be their concept. Posing for the house photographer, eating, drinking, dancing and enjoying a show is all part of the Tatiana experience.

The piles of (vaguely Russian) food, which were served at several intervals, were a little intimidating but really delicious. And of course, no Russian party is without lots of Vodka and pickles.
Additionally, the Tatiana restaurant helps their clientele prepare for the day after: click on “Suggestions” and learn about “Handy tips” and a recipe for the “Morning After Drink”. Yes, the Russians know how to party!

For a less intense Russian experience, I recommend having brunch, lunch or dinner in the outdoor seating area on Brighton Beach’s boardwalk. Watch the promenading crowds and enjoy the breeze and the great Atlantic ocean view. Coming upon this Brooklyn outpost is like arriving at a surreal sea resort. I bet you feel a sweet little vacation-feeling coming up too…?