Patrick, Say It’s Not So

I’m not that scrawny, but I did have to laugh at this one. After all, Marc does have the smallest head his hat maker has seen in his 17 years of business.

If you aren’t familiar with Patrick Mimran‘s “art” billboards, they have been hanging off of the High Line on 24th, 25th, and 26th in the gallery district for well over 5 years. Only the phrases change, other than that they are always the same design and contain type only. They are also the subject of intense debate over the their content as well as the question of “Is this art?”

The billboards even spawned a hate site Patrick Mimran Is A Douchebag, which then had to be taken down after a legal cease and desist. It looks like there was some effort to relaunch a new site Patrick Mimran Needs Help, but maybe after all that legal wrangling their venom just petered out.

At any rate, it seems we can only expect more billboards, in more places, from Patrick in the future. According to his website, he has recently been doing more temporary, vinyl banners in Italy and Moscow.