Post Modern

I was given this necklace as a present from my mom for Christmas. I love it! A great gift for someone who loves art history and of course, Modernism, Post Modernism and even Post Post Modernism. It is made by Brookadelphia, a company of two sister designers — one lives in Brooklyn and the other Philadelphia. I met them when buying a different necklace about a year ago at the “The Young Designer’s Market” on Mulberry St. Their work is a lot of fun and since I moved to Brooklyn from Philly I love them a bit more.

The inherent irony of wearing a design that says “Post Modern” but looks quite modernist is great. Their website explains that the design is “the product of an ongoing sisterly/friend discussion on the topic and absurd hilarity that is Post Modernism and Post Post Modernism.” No worries, they also make a “Post Post Modern” necklace if you prefer (see below). Thanks Mom!