Queen of Arts

Queens is awash with new museum activity. While we’re all sad that the Museum of the Moving Image will be closed for nearly two years, I just found out about plans underway to renovate the Queens Museum of Art. The new museum will be twice as large, as is described in a recent blog posting from Curbed.

I recently found out about two other museums within walking distance from MSLK:

– The Fisher Landau Center, featuring a roster of who’s who  in contemporary art. I can’t wait to check this out this summer.

–  Materials for the Arts sounds less like a museum than a groundbreaking social movement: “…helping artists realize their visions, providing students with a richer educational experience, and furnishes businesses with a simple and efficient way to enhance the cultural life of their city while promoting environmental awareness and reuse.”

I officially have no reason to be bored. In the odd event that I do, I can always refer to this list of museums in LIC here.