“Afterparty” Wins PS1 Competition

I guess it is the end of the party. Following the amazing courtyard design last year by Work Architects, last week PS1 announced that the design above, by MOS architects Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith, would be gracing the courtyard this summer. MOS wins the 10th annual architectural invitation to design the courtyard space that houses PS1’s summertime outdoor dance party. An honor that grants them $70,000 to fulfill their dream design.

Perhaps it is just my intense love of last year’s exciting proposal, but personally, I can’t help but feel like the architects may have run out of things to do.

Highlights of this year’s design include: an aluminum frame of recyclable parts and a plan that the conical shapes will draw air up and out of the courtyard by induction. In fact, the plan describes this process as creating a “breeze and a ‘cool down’ atmosphere for the active Warm Up crowd”. If this happens I will be impressed by the scientific achievements of this design. However, right now I’m a bit underwhelmed by the aesthetics.

I will, however, take this opportunity to submit two photos of my brother and I totally rocking out last year at PF1 (Work even went so far as to rebrand the entire space to become Public Farm 1). Although I never had a fresh Bloody Mary with herbs grown in the garden, I did get to pet a chicken and had a great time.