MSLK Launches New Site for Spark Design Professionals

We recently launched a newly designed website for Spark Design Professionals, a non-profit organization co-founded in 2002 by MSLK’s partners, Sheri and Marc.

The new site is truly the hub of activity and lifeblood of the organization allowing the board to register and maintain memberships, schedule events, handle event registration, and sending out promotional emails all from one easy-to-use platform.

The old site was difficult to maintain because of the variety of differing platforms and databases that had been accumulated over years. The process of accepting new members, registering for events and sending out promotional emails was very fragmented and time-consuming. As part of an extensive wire-framing process to establish a clear site structure, we redesigned these workflows such that professional emailer and event platforms could be seamlessly linked to the Spark backend, allowing everything to be managed from one place. Additionally, we wanted the new site to provide an added value for members by allowing them to have editable profiles and be featured on the site.

Site Map


Homepage Wireframe


Individual Events Page Wireframe


Event User Flow Diagram


Promotional Emailer System



The new responsive website delivers content in a clear and compelling way accommodating desktop, tablet and mobile users. The homepage is a visual pasteboard of all that is happening at Spark at any given moment—links to events, news, and latest videos are snapshots of each of the sections. Individual events and news pages follow a blog-like format, allowing easy access to event information and registration. Visually, we updated the Spark brand, giving the site a bold and contemporary feel. Spark’s red color is used as an accent throughout along with secondary elements such as the dot pattern and rules, which create a strong brand presence on every page.




Individual Events Page


Individual Video Page


Spark board members have overwhelmingly lauded the site as being extremely easy to use and maintain. Event attendance, membership and sponsorship has grown since the site’s launch. It did not take long for the site to become populated with fantastic content — from professional-quality videos with event speakers. to members uploading content to their profiles. The Spark website is now in line with the goals of the organization helping design business owners achieve success in years to come.