Christian: Press Kit

kit open

Emerging installation artist Christian Grattan needed to establish himself and promote his first interactive exhibit entitled Tom Welling in a Swimsuit. Beyond a simple promotion, the press kit’s objective was to attract corporate sponsorships for his installation.

MSLK recommended appealing to potential investors through a flipbook that would capture the playful essence of the installation experience. We also considered the potential growth of the exhibit and sought to create a consistent, yet flexible, updatable format.

For the construction, MSLK utilized materials reminiscent of the exhibit itself—silver paper and black Mylar. In addition, we strategically integrated the unveiling of Christian’s logo into the flipbook to add drama and flair to the installation and brand behind the artist.

MSLK’s interactive design solution encouraged recipients to play with the materials just as Christian intended for his art installation. The press kit was successful in generating buzz and excitement within the art community, opening doors for corporate sponsorships.