Skiing in the Swiss Alps

I love New York, but there is still a reason to go back to Switzerland (besides visiting my family and friends, of course): skiing in the Swiss Alps! After Christmas, I went to Grindelwald, a mountain village 2 1/2 hours from Zurich by train…

The impressive mountain backdrop of the Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, makes Grindelwald one of my favorite alpine holiday destinations. You feel so tiny in front of these huge mountains!

A delicious Swiss Röschti for lunch with this impressive panorama is unbeatable…

I particularly love the long last run of the day, from the top of the mountain down to the village.

This time we were lucky, the weather and snow conditions were ideal: it was sunny, not too cold and we had enough snow. But what about snow sport in New York? When it comes to skiing, the East Coast is apparently not much fun: people keep telling me, the slopes are too icy. But in the Rocky Mountains or in Canada (Whistler), the snow is apparently much softer and so different from Swiss snow that you just have to experience it once.

What about your snow sport experience? I would love to read your recommendations. Thanks!

By the way:
Not all Swiss are born with their skis on and are good skiers. As a child, going to Ski School was a nightmare for me. I begged my parents to spare me… and I remember my father (who involuntarily became my ski teacher) desperately trying to teach me his flawless technique.

Nowadays we all ski with the tapered and much shorter Carving Skis, which make skiing much easier, especially for people still missing the flawless technique.

Nowadays, my father and I both love skiing. However, his technique is still way better than mine.