Redken: New on 5th Brand Identity


Redken 5th Avenue NYC sought to rename and reposition their number one sales tool, a monthly catalog, featuring their salon quality hair care products. Strategy
Commonly referred to as the “dealsheet,” MSLK suggested this new publication be called “New on 5th” in an effort to evolve the catalog into more of an editorial business magazine which always has new content each month.

Rather than a traditional masthead, MSLK created a bold graphic that could be recognized at a glance and consistently complement the cover model imagery. Our ultramodern approach graphically represents Redken’s NYC connection, particularly its 5th Avenue heritage, capturing the fashion-forward essence of the hair care brand.

MSLK’s design solution has been in use for over five years now, on over 60 issues. MSLK’s design solution successfully repositioned the monthly catalog, became iconic to the Redken brand, and continues to identify each publication.