MSLK Beauty Branding Scholarship

July 1, 2019

Packaging Design

MSLK, the beauty branding agency, has established this scholarship to support the next generation of bright minded students interested in the ever-evolving and exciting world of Graphic Design, Branding and Packaging Design. We are aware of the struggles many artists experience while pursuing their dreams. In response, we founded this scholarship to inspire and aid those in need.

MSLK was founded in 1998 with the mission of helping entrepreneurs build sustainable beauty brands. Led by the guiding principle of design with Style + Substance, MSLK is constantly seeking ways to improve customer experience through high quality, eco-friendly and consumer-centric design. MSLK contributes regularly to various beauty industry publications on the topic of design’s impact on business. Sheri has dedicated her career to elevating industry best practices.

To apply for the scholarship, please submit a short essay (500-750 words) on the topic:
“How would you utilize design to solve the biggest issue you feel is facing the beauty industry today?”

$500 will be awarded to the scholarship winner to help with the associated costs of higher education.

This scholarship is available to current sophomores or juniors entering their junior or senior years, respectively (U.S. residents or permanent residents only). All applicants must still be enrolled as a full-time student on Sept 1, 2019, the MSLK Graphic Design Scholarship notification date.

Please submit your essay to: