Maybelline: LookBook

MSLK-Maybelline Lookbook

Maybelline New York, the number one global cosmetic brand, sought to build an emotional relationship with their consumers. This is a challenge for drug store brands, which often have little opportunity to connect with consumers outside of 30-second television ads. It was important to emotionally connect with consumers in a new and more enduring way.

MSLK strategized a soft-sell magazine promotion that would educate women about application techniques and inspire a new Maybelline lifestyle. We conceptualized a smaller, portable format that would appeal to women on the go and fit inside a purse.

MSLK combined striking imagery with editorial content that would introduce women to a new, beautiful lifestyle. We included perforated tip cards that contained application techniques from experts and information about new products. These cards would act as a convenient reference tool, enhancing a woman’s shopping experience.

MSLK’s design solution was well received and continues to be considered internally within Maybelline for production later this year.