There’s Nothing Quite Like a Piece of Paper


In today’s multi-media extravaganza, it’s hard to get anyone exited about one of the world’s oldest mediums, paper. However we at MSLK don’t think that paper has lost it’s place just yet, in fact, we believe that the true presence and importance of paper as a tactical impression you can touch, engage with and hold onto is even more important in this new world of virtual gratification.

Of course the costs and permanence of something paper based makes it even more of a commitment when putting ink to paper, but that type of thinking isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a more eco-friendly behavior than the careless printing of years past.

We are encouraging our clients to think twice about printing and print either only essential elements, driving customers online for more info and/or printing wonderful keepsake items that can serve as long term brand advocates for the experience of your brand.

So what creates an experience in print? It’s a gut reaction you have the minute that piece touches your hands. From the feel of the paper, to the messaging you are greeted with, to the experience of unfolding and unfurling the contents. Like holding a child for the first time, it is a beautiful gift and fête accompli.

To get inspired on the wide possibilities and wonderful experience paper has to offer we suggest catching a glimpse at “Between the Folds,” a new documentary chronicling the stories of ten fine artists and theoretical scientists who have carved out for themselves unconventional lives as modern–day paper folders.

Their paths to paper folding converge on the ancient art of origami. The film follows them as they demonstrate both the science and the art of transforming a 2D medium into new and fascinating 3D art forms and experiences. They even ponder, what can the permutations for paper teach us about science at large?

I for one look forward to being inspired by the possibilities.