Cameron Socks: Website

MSLK-Cameron Socks Website

Cameron Socks (formerly Cameron Woolens) is a footwear retailer with a rich heritage in selling some of the best brand names in socks, yet their outdated website was poorly organized and not optimized for capturing sales. Furthermore, the website’s lack of a clearly defined style exuded low brand equity. MSLK sought to increase their online presence and firmly reestablish the brand.

Working hand-in-hand with the client, MSLK established three different types of visitors who would be visiting the Cameron website: existing Cameron customers, new customers finding Cameron through search engine results, and those referred from online manufacturers. In order to reach new customers, we advised Cameron to establish an online partnership with manufacturer Wigwam Mills, who could provide in-bound links to specific socks found on their website. We also advised a small adjustment in their name, from Cameron Woolens to Cameron Socks. Both of these strategies would allow them to achieve better SEO and increase site

The navigational experience and visual design of the site caters to three types of users: the casual browser, the keyword and drill-down searcher, and customers that arrive through an online referral. Large marketing imagery entices casual browsers to click while also building the brand experience. The prominence of the left-hand search area allows keyword searchers to dig in and browse by any combination of categories. For customers that arrive to the site by referral, there is a call to action to purchase along with promotions of related products. The overall brand identity of Cameron Socks feels personable, yet elegant and appealing to both sexes.

The site was well received by company representatives and customers alike, reinvigorating buzz around Cameron Socks. Their launch in late 2010 is anticipated to increase sales just in time for the holidays. Company representatives were very happy with site’s robust features, making it easy to navigate and obtain detailed information about each sock. Additionally, they loved that they were now able to manage site updates with ease.