Interbrand’s Favorable Review of’s Web Experience

Product manufacturers have a unique opportunity when presenting their brands and product lines online. Unless they have the privilege of running their own brick and mortar locations or a branded shop within a shop, this virtual storefront is their one opportunity to present their full product line in a controlled environment.

Such is the case for MSLK client, Wigwam Mills. Wigwam’s number one touch point with customers is their packaging and, as a sock manufacturer, the amount of space available on that packaging is pretty limited. In the retail environment, Wigwam is forced to display their products in retailers’ branded environments with very little, if any, additional space to tell their full product story.

As a result, when it came time to redesign the website, MSLK was committed to creating an experience that allowed customers to understand the core brand offerings at a glance, yet also allowed dedicated sock enthusiasts to dig in deep and wallow in the tremendous amount of technology and care that Wigwam puts into every pair. We call this experience “edutainment,” part education, part entertainment.

Recently our client at Wigwam passed along an article they stumbled upon reviewing our efforts. The article was featured on BrandChanel, the blog of branding giant, Interbrand. MSLK was excited to see that the author, Mark J. Miller, not only noticed but was incredibly fond of the attention to detail and experience we put into leading visitors on this journey through Wigwam Socks.

Miller was quick to observe and engage with our promotion of the five Wigwam categories within the updatable marketing panels on the home page. He also strategically noted the highlights from the blog featured on the home page. These allowed Wigwam to tell their green story and now promote their presence on social media. He also noted some “adventurous travelers” posting about “where they are in the world with their Wigwams,” which was also a strategic concept created by MSLK in order to encourage fans to visit the site more frequently while alleviating the pressure on Wigwam to constantly generate fresh content for those visitors.

Perhaps the most reassuring was Miller’s detailed comments on the interactive sock finder. With 173 unique styles to choose from, Wigwam has more sock features than most customers might even consider as possibilities. As a result, MSLK conceptualized the sock finder as a way of ensuring that “no sock was left behind.” We sought to connect the right sock to the right customer every time and it seems that Miller has observed and appreciates this alternative method of shopping.

Certainly it’s rare to find someone who is keen to notice all the details that go into making a targeted web experience. In fact, when done properly, these are the details that the average customer may not notice at all.  After all, some marketing efforts are best when working subconsciously. However, it’s quite a thrill to be recognized by another industry expert. As to his full thoughts on the intentions behind the website, I really couldn’t have said anything better myself.  Check out the full article here.