Take Less: Eco Installation


Take-Less is the third in a series of eco-art installations initiated by MSLK to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing society today. The piece challenges viewers to think about the rampant amount of plastic waste produced each second by the consumption of take-out meals in the US and to consider the environmental impact of this action.

From our research we discovered that 2629 take-out meals are consumed in the U.S. every second. Within these meals are countless plastic components designed to be used once and thrown away. By our calculations, each second we produce enough waste to fill half a football field! What’s worse, these plastics are currently not easily recyclable.

In order to visually convey the enormity of plastic waste produced from take-out meals, we created the number “2629” using the plastic containers and utensils themselves. This bold number is at once intriguing and arresting. In addition, informational signage is prominently featured on each number, containing facts about the dangers of this rate of consumption. In order to source the materials, we utilized social media to reach out to our network of friends and colleagues, many of whom placed collection boxes at their offices. As a result, the awareness and social aspects of this project came together from day one.

Following the success of our previous installations, Take-Less has been hailed as an innovative new form of both social and guerrilla marketing. The project was displayed at the Figment Art Festival and DUMBO Arts Festival. At the DUMBO Arts Festival, the project reached 25,000 people, and the Figment Art Festival it reached an impressive 150,000 people. Take-Less has also been featured on NY1 and in numerous online publications.