Gracious Home: Brand Identity

MSLK-Gracious_Home_1 layered

Gracious Home, a well-known upscale houseware and hardware store located in Manhattan, had difficulty maintaining their brand identity due to inconsistent variations of their logo. As the company explored the idea of expanding locations, it was crucial to restore the logo’s elegance and bring back its legibility.

MSLK sought to refine the typography of the existing logo yet retain the overall essence of what customers recognized as Gracious Home.

MSLK began by making subtle adjustments to the letterforms and letter spacing of “Gracious Home.” These intricate details refined the logo and maximized legibility. In addition, the tagline “Look No Further” was set in an upper case, sans-serif font to quietly complement the logo. We further accentuated the logo by strategically punctuating the tagline with the registered trademark symbol.

Gracious Home’s redesigned logo provided a fresh new look that did not detract from the original brand identity but rather leveraged it. The subtle and light touches that MSLK employed were successful at retaining the overall essence of the company.